Sunday, November 22, 2015

Calendars and DVD's

I finally got a chance to see my instructional DVD that Bella Muse Productions - Elizabeth Robbins, produced!  I am so happy with the final results.  Liz and Darin did such a great job editing it and assembling the clips.  There is so much information about composition and design, sometimes I didn't even remember saying it!  The DVD takes you from the very beginning, the concept and tools through to the final signature and frame.  I've already got ideas for the second one!
Also, the calendars for 2016 have been ordered.  For a limited time they are $15.95 each and after December they will be $19.95.  I think this is my favorite group of paintings so far.  This last year has really been about drama, contrast and emotion.  The paintings are highly saturated with tons of color, most of them low key and bold.  This coming year will be more high key and delicate work - I think :)!
Let me know if you would like either the DVD or the calendar!  Call me at 801-389-2369 or go on my website to the paypal button and order.  Thank you for all of your support this year!

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