Monday, March 16, 2009

Check out my friend Lori McNee's fabulous blog!  It's instructional, motivating and entertaining all at once.

My current adventure in art!

Well, I guess I will join the rest of the world and start a blog!  
I am currently working in Scottsdale AZ at the Celebration of Fine Art.  It has been quite an experience for me, much to learn from and great new artist friends.  Nothing like learning self-discipline by diving in to 73 days straight of work.  
As an artist that works from a studio in my home, I don't get a chance to collaborate, commiserate and create with other artists much.  This show has given me the opportunity to work with and around 100 other artists as passionate about what they do as I am.  We work every day, painting and selling.  Talk about total submersion!  Even when we aren't working, most of us are on the gallery stroll each and every Thursday night, taking in more art.  Eat, Drink, Sleep Art!