Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Demo for the Midway Art Association

I was invited to do a demo/lecture last night at the Midway Art Association's monthly gathering.  I had such a great time, such great people!  I am always quite nervous in the beginning and ramble much, but it usually doesn't take much time for my non-sense makes sense.  In the spirit of "ridding oneself of the tyranny of things as they appear",  I explained my series process of working in value and contrast keys.  We all picked a demo of a high-key, low contrast piece with color temperature shifts as the contrast and development of spacial relationships.  Here is the before and after pics, although I am sure it's not quite finished.  I would like to do a little glazing and defining after it dries and that might take a few days.  As promised, here it is posted on the blog.  Please feel free to add suggestions or make comments.