Thursday, April 21, 2011

April Newsletter

My April newsletter just went out tonight. I've attached it in case you aren't on my email list and would like to see it! It only takes me two days to create, figure out how to change file extensions and download :) I sure wish I was a bit more computer savvy! If you can't read it, go to this page

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Watercolor Show

I'll be having a Watercolors in Miniature show in June at Crowley Fine Art! Eight paintings to date with many more coming. They are a great value for a beginning collector, priced between $250 and $900, all original matted and framed. Please contact me if there are any you are interested in for pre-sale purchase - makes a great Mother's day present!

Shanna Kunz

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wonderful Break with a tsp. of guilt!

Rainy days and SUNDAYS, perfect day for hanging out with my sweetie! Still recuperating from my Scottsdale stint of every day, three months straight. I have been filling my days with bits of painting, but still not able to completely immerse myself back into it again. This is not like a 9-5 job, well - not for me. Feast or famine! I go down to the studio in the mornings to muster as much discipline as I can and it is still just not quite there. The computer calls to me, my sister calls for coffee, my much-missed friends call to meet for lunch. I feel guilt, such guilt for not jumping back into my obligations the way I should. Distractions.....make them constructive four hours to a gallery to pick up work and come back....make portfolio CD's to send out.......get that website updated......does any of this sound familiar to anyone??? Maybe this is what they mean that an artist must fill ALL of their life in order to paint. Cooking - what sounds interesting tonight, what kind of playlist will help me get my mojo back? Maybe it's a full life experience that we fill ourselves with that makes us want to create. Maybe I'm making excuses. No maybe's about it. Could be that I'm missing the interaction with people every day. Could be the fear of jumping into a painting larger than I've ever done. Could be I just need more discipline to juggle the right brain and left brain. There is this idea knocking around in the back of my head...ooohhh, I am thinking of a great painting.....the muse is knocking at my door....I'll start again tomorrow!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Introspective thoughts on Art

I ran across some writings I did last summer, as I rode the wild ride of my art career through shows, good ones and bad ones, some unbelievable and much appreciated press coverage, some confidence hits and misses and a new life in the making. As I read the writings, they ring true to my heart today as much as ever. I will share, and please feel free to give feedback!!

Each voice is unique. It is only an artists' job to dig deeper, work harder, get more soulful. It is not your job to judge or compare - time and history will tell of excellence or mediocrity. It is just your job to show up and paint, give it ALL you have! Consider all the elements in that painting. Keep to your integrity in each piece, make it the best you can possibly do. The rest is not up to you - what will be will be.

Judging yourself and punishing yourself does not make you better. It serves no purpose. Let go - let God. Pay attention along the way to detours, to people you meet with kindred spirit, and stay with your priorities at all times. A stable, peaceful mind lends itself to better work, a more artistic life well rounded. The ego emits short puffs of elation and long bouts of pain and comparison. Try your hardest to see it for what it is and push on.

Maybe this resonates with you and maybe it doesn't. I know that as individual as we are, as diverse as we are, that every voice matters and that it is your opportunity to find yourself and your voice and THAT will make the difference in this world of ours. Be unique, be honest, and know that somewhere, somehow, you will make a difference!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Online Portfolio

Here is my online portfolio through IWork. I have saved it as a PDF file too.
I can't seem to get a thumbnail for it though - looks a little primitive!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Art Contests

A couple of months ago, I entered Raymar Art Contest and was selected as a finalist with my high key winter piece called Essence. I was honored to be chosen from among SO many fabulous paintings and painters!

Another competition that I regular enter is FASO Boldbrush Art Competition. No winning entry as yet, but.......diligence may pay off down the road. Here is my entry if you are interested in seeing it - and if you like it, please click on the link and hit "like".

These kinds of art competitions, including Randy Higbee Gallery 6x6 shows (should have entered, but missed the deadline) are great ways for an artist to get their work seen. They might be seen by primarily other artists, but the newsletters also go out to galleries and collectors and they are relatively inexpensive ways to advertise one's work! There is the advantage of feedback too - the jurists are always very well-known and well-respected national artists and an award is certainly a feather in one's cap. The Facebook community has proven to be very helpful and encouraging of artists entry and often offer positive critiques.

So set aside that painting that makes your heart pitter-patter and give one of these contests a shot! You never know and you have nothing but a few bucks to lose! Come on, what are you waiting for???

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

The Celebration has been over for a week now - can't believe it! We tore down on Monday, packed up our personal belongings on Tuesday and headed out of town! First was a stop at the Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale to drop off the two pieces selected for the Salon. That show opens on April 22, 2011 and I am so excited to be juried into a show of such fine quality! Our next move was towards Sedona to drop off work to my NEW gallery Mtn. Trails Gallery in Sedona. If you've never been to Sedona before, it is such a beautiful place - situated in the red rock and cedar mountains! The gallery sits in Tlaquepaque, a village of shops, galleries and fine restaurants that is as quaint and inviting as they come. The gallery is up a flight of stairs and has a wonderful staff and beautiful space. I dropped off eleven pieces and we were back on the road. We stayed in Flagstaff for the night and headed out in the morning for home.
We made it all the way to Salt Lake when the transmission in the Tahoe died! My dad - Jack - to the rescue to come get us and bring our little trailer home. He arrived just as the tow truck arrived to bring our old girl back to Ogden. Poor Marco was heartbroken about the illness of our truck, but she will be back up and running in no time I'm sure.
Since arriving home, we have unpacked, cleaned, redecorated and continually reminded each other how good it feels to be home. Dorothy was right - there's no place like home. I've visited family, went to a birthday party from my girlfriends, puttered and cooked! I have for the most part boycotted makeup for at least another week, worn jammies and comfort clothes, slept in a few days and watched a movie or two! Tomorrow starts a new week and I will organize the studio and get busy on a few commissions and a slew of ideas for new paintings, but for tonight - a little more rest! It's SO good to be home!

Mountain Trails Gallery of Sedona

I am so pleased to announce my new representation with Mtn. Trails Gallery in Sedona, AZ!
I have given them 11 pieces of new work and a little bird has told me they are hanging as I write. The gallery is so beautiful and the staff and owner, Vic Payne, are wonderful. I hope to get back down there soon and do a little plein air painting of the beautiful red rock and cedar. If you happen to be in the area, do stop in and check out the work!