Thursday, April 12, 2012

Winter Sunlight

This was a painting with the emphasis on high key, change of color temperature without drastic value changes. LOVE winter aspen! Just a small 20x16, but has a very light hearted feeling to it.

The Watcher

This is an ever-evolving painting of deciduous trees with strong sunlight and warms and cools.
The square format has been a challenge of shape placement and still keeping it minimal. The painting source comes from the inlands of New Jersey - love the humid sky!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Small Works

I will be doing quite a few small works in the next upcoming month, picking one from the group for the Western Visions Show at the Jackson Wildlife Museum. The rest will be available through my studio, this blog and the website! Most will range in size from 8x10 through 11x14, a very affordable price point and most times the sources for much larger (expensive) paintings. Here are a few from the last two days!
Also, more news......I was juried into the Saulsalito Art Festival in California with my watercolors. I can't tell you how very excited I am for this! I started my career in watercolors and after ten years of primarily oils, I am very enthusiastic about redefining my career in my first love. It will be so interesting to see how the oils have affected transitions in my watercolors! Stay tuned.....