Friday, February 25, 2011

Well, I'm back from Sun Valley, Utah and Tucson - a week away from the tent was good for my head! I loved painting in Tucson, even if it was cactus, lol. I have actually started to really appreciate the beauty of the desert, for a mountain girl that is. The skies here are tremendous, the sunsets trump anywhere else! I met some really great people, all working artists and substantial in their own right and I really found a kindred spirit in my new friendship with Liz Robbins. She is such an amazing artist and person and it was so nice to meet up with someone so in tune with life experience and how that influences artistic life.
Four weeks left at the Celebration show and probably the most intense. Four weeks to make the best art that I possibly can - nothing intimidating there! I've picked up a couple of galleries after the show and looking for one more. I need to get the portfolio ready again, the bio updated, contacts made and the website updated. All in a few days work!

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