Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good Morning!

Well, we are down to the last two weeks of the show! It really has gone by so fast and with a quick trip to Salt Lake for Art and Soup during the last week, I'll be home before I can blink. I'm still working on a few paintings down here and I'll be doing a little plein air Monday and Tuesday with friends. I sure thought I would do more of that while I was here, but seven days a week 8-10 hours a day is tough stuff!

I'm so excited to get my garden going at home! I'm going to bring a few indoor plants home with me too from here in Arizona - JASMINE! Does anyone know if it can be grown indoors? Utah is much too cold to grow it outside, but that smell just mesmerizes me. I have to have some. Can't wait for the Lilly's to come out and maybe a few daffodil bulbs survived the barbs of the tiller last year. I'm going to build a small flower garden for painting a few still life's this summer.

Focus - Shanna - focus! Quit daydreaming about a month from now and get back to the present! Up and at it and back to the tent to get things done. This is the first day of a two week show and it's time to make opportunity happen :) Have a nice day everyone!

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