Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chasing Shadows

This piece is a 36x24 vertical called "Chasing Shadows" - a piece in the same series as Sunlit Pines. It's all about exploring strong light and cast shadows on a steep hillside dotted with light dancing off the trunks of the pines creating rhythm and movement through strong contrast. This piece is much darker and more dramatic than it's counterpart and I think I still have a very delicate high-key piece in mind as a trio. If you have ever been to Flagstaff in the evening, you might recognize the feel of that unique light. The densely populated Ponderosa Pines just glow as the sun starts it descent into evening!


  1. Such beautiful rich earth tones, Shanna. The size makes it even more "dynamite"!

  2. Wish we had about 20 like this one