Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Traveling Life!

Whewhhhhhh..... That was a fast summer!  I just got back from an intense and amazing workshop in Maine and realized I was totally exhausted.  I started tracking my summer miles this year starting with May in Austin, TX to see Marco's boys.  Next was Los Angeles to see my daughter with my other daughter and two of my grandchildren, home for a few weeks and off to shows in Sun Valley, Jackson and finally Maine - all the while painting away.  No wonder I'm tired!!! I didn't even really get to enjoy my garden the way I usually do - well, maybe this is more usual than I give it credit for.  The workshop was so inspiring I can't wait to get back to the easel again :)

For anyone that has ever been interested in taking the workshop from T. A. Lawson, I'll tell you it was the most intense and inspiring week that I can remember in all of my art career!  He is an incredible artist and equally as incredible a teacher - not for the Sunday painter - for those truly looking for their voice and willing to work hard for it.  He and his entire family, especially his beautiful and accomplished writer/wife Dorie,  give generously of their time and efforts to all. He took us to wonderful locations to paint and opened his farm to us on the last day to paint horses, sheep, chickens, dogs, barns, and a plethora of beautiful Maine coastal and tree-filled landscapes.  I cannot even put to words the experience of all I learned - hopefully it will show in my next body of work.  And did I mention new friends?  I stayed in a three bedroom late Captains house right on the shore of Rockport with Lori and two new best friends, Jerolyn Dirks and Nancy Becker.  We stayed up late every night talking art, rehashing the lessons of the day and other art business and looking at art history on the internet.  Needless to say, we were all the best of friends by the time the week was over.  Now we'll Skype while we work to stay in touch.  

So back to work I go.  Color charts are coming (linen on the way via UPS) and sketchbooks in hand.  I came back with the attitude of "from this day forward".  I'm trying a new way of working, a new routine to see what changes come about in my work.  I do feel like I was already heading in that direction, my priorities not necessarily based on technical proficiency - more on the heart and attachment.  Who knows, maybe it will come through and maybe I'll come short of my expectations but I will try, try, try again!  This little engine will keep going :)  Maybe a more mature composition and more mature color choice are on their way!


  1. You are so right, it was an incredible week with wonderful people. I look forward to staying in touch and visiting you!

  2. Hello Ruth!!! So great to hear from you - I hope you are digesting the same way that I am :) Let's please stay in touch!!!

    1. Hi Shanna, I love your work and have been following your blog for a few months. I am a beginning oil painter who used to paint watercolors too. I am struggling with color and am interested to know what your pallet (in oils) is. I love your trees and think your colors are the best!
      P.S. do you ever do week long workshops? I live in Idaho and would love if you came to Sun Valley Center for the Arts for a workshop

  3. Hi Dianne! I will post my oil palette on here with a pic. It really is almost identical to my watercolor palette except for a few specific to each medium. I am in Sun Valley often and have talked to a few people about doing a workshop up there. If someone were to get it started, I would LOVE to be there! My organizational skills are less to be desired lately and I get busy with deadlines and never get them completely put together! I have a great syllabus for composition, color and taking your work to the next level that my students here in Utah have enjoyed and benefitted from. Please feel free to call me or email me!