Monday, March 10, 2014

Lakeside Mist, 24x30

This painting was started during the time I was rebuilding my new life. I went thru a single tree period, one strong single tree standing as strong as possible. I also felt separated from the world a bit but I knew I would be ok. It was from a lake north of Durango and the morning mist was so incredible and actually a surprise as I found camp in the dark and awoke to this. Artistically, I am in love with high key paintings like Monet, Twachtman and Whistler and was being as daring with the value range as I could possibly muster.  I recently got the painting back after a long absence and realized I could do more to push the theme and technicalities so back on the easel! More paint and more heart later, coming from a place of much more stability, the piece is finally finished!  Here is the before and the after.  The changes are more on the surface than in the composition.



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