Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Business Classes - The Next Level!

Every once in awhile, I offer a business class to my students.  This class involves making their art statements and resume, putting a portfolio together with a cohesive body of work, discussing every avenue of art sales and career direction I have in my knowledge bank of 26 years of painting, marketing and social media plus all the insider info from frames to panels and tools of the trade.  I have done this workshop about three times and every time I hear that it was the most useful and informational class they have taken so far to get going in the (their) right direction!  It is individually geared to each person according to their style, their needs and what they truly want to get out of it.  I put my heart and soul into each person and do my very best to meet their unique needs.  The last time I posted the workshop, I had plenty of people that wanted to take the class but their schedules were full and we could not come up with dates that worked for all (including me).  Instead, I committed to a few personal sessions either in the office or via skype.  I do believe my consulting business has begun!

I am going to offer 2 one hour sessions, plus a portfolio review for an introductory kick-off price of $150 - PLUS $25 off if you sign up for my email newsletter!  If two or more schedule for the same session, the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Covered in the class:

Artist Statement/Resume - How to get the attention of your audience
Portfolios - How to put together a cohesive body of work
Marketing - Website, social media, advertising, client development, printing options
Invited Shows, Juried Shows - The best shows and the best way to get in
Which path should I choose - shows, galleries, self promotion?  All of the above?
Photography and software choices
Critiques if requested
Any other information stored in this brain of mine over the last 26 years!  I am an open book.  I have been down almost every imaginable path to build my career.  I would LOVE to share with like-minded people that are passionate about their art and want the world to see it, and be able to continue to do it at the next level!

Call or email me at shankunz@gmail.com, 801-389-2369 if you are interested or want to know more information.  Please leave a message if I can't answer and I will get back with you as quickly as possible.  And check out my website at shannakunz.com if you get a minute to see where my heart is.  If you like it and you like the idea, let's get started!



By the way, I love love love fall and fall colors!  Check out my newest piece - I have a crush on it (for now) and hope to do many more in this series.  I hope you LOVE to do what you do as much as I do!


Shanna has been my mentor since I first had the notion, “I think I want to paint”.  At that time, I had no idea that, under her tutelage, I would develop a hidden talent and ultimately take on an entirely new career.   That career is developing now, but the business of art is much more than hoping someone will magically show up and fall in love with your work.  Shanna has worked and succeeded as a professional artist during economic ups and downs over decades.  Her knowledge and experience are formidable, but like her landscapes, her nature is generous and her sensibilities down-to-earth.   Yes, she will instruct, and encourage, and occasionally critique, but equally important, model what it means to be a professional artist.  

Collin Noortmann Chandler
Fine Art

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