Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm staying home from the tent today to work on a watercolor commission for some very nice people. I can really use the time home unwinding in my comfy clothes, a ponytail and the comforting noise of a television set with nothing important on! It feels like a small touch of normalcy to this three month experience of Celebration of Fine Art. There are only three weeks left to the show and things are really getting busy around here! I have enjoyed myself down here, with the emotional rollercoaster of sales, meeting great people from all over the world, and truly immersing myself in my painting. There are so many facets to this show! The experiences that take place here are invaluable to artistic and personal growth. At some point throughout the show, I am positive that each and every artist down here asks themselves why they paint (or sculpt or anything they do), how can they get better, and what will the future hold. It's a perfect opportunity for self-analyzation and redirection. Staying home in a comfort zone just will not push us to go deeper. I am truly grateful for this opportunity, no matter how painful it can be. And I am truly grateful for the group of artists I am working with day after day for their humor, their human-ness, and support of each other through some trying and joyous times. Life is good!

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