Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Well, the Celebration Show is over and it's time to think about the next adventure!  We are heading to Texas, via Tucson and will check out galleries in this area and Las Cruces, NM.  It's all new territory for me.  

Scottsdale brought so many opportunities my way this year.  Hopefully a few new galleries, a few more shows and two workshops to teach.  I am making plans for a Vancouver, Canada workshop just after the 4th of July and maybe one in Hamilton, MT just before that.  I love teaching and it's a great way of paying for road trips and gathering resources, besides getting to know incredible artists along the way!  If you know of anyone interested in taking the classes, please have them email me - shankunz@earthlink.net!

Time to get some rest.  I will update as the adventure unfolds!

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