Thursday, June 23, 2011

Color Notes

Really working on fine tuning color notes and temperature changes this week (or any week for that matter). For as much as I have been called a tonalist and a subtle painter, my work REALLY has alot of color and I'd like to push the envelope a little more towards greys. We, as artists, generally work in this little bubble of our studio, surrounded by our own work, comparing palettes and compositions to the work that is around us. It is only when we get out to a show, hang our work next to another artist, enter a competition - that we really start to get an objective view of where we are. I've got Monet and Tryon out today to learn some lessons from the real deal. The piece I am posting is a simple little square composition and it is ALL about temperature changes in the sunlight and in the shadows. Very close value ranges within each, very subtle color changes with each. Don't know if I am completely done yet, but here is my days work progress! What do you think - still ALOT of color?

Quiet Cloud Cover, 20x20 oil on canvas

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