Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July weekend!

Let the festivities begin - AFTER I finish this painting! I'm actually working on a winter painting today - as if we haven't had enough cold weather around here. I do love painting snow though! It's almost finished and I thought I would post a before and after tweaking post. I am finding my palette sensitivity to be much brighter, "happier", these days - I wonder why LOL! I've given the piece a day to look at and contemplate. As much as I like the color, I am thinking that I will probably push the back plane even further back just a little with a purple umber glaze - just enough to push the value down a notch and tone down the color. It hopefully will make the blues pop even more, bring the treeline out to the surface and make the sky color more exciting. A couple of evenings ago, I went out on my porch cloud watching, as I do so much. There were these beautiful little highlights at the tops of the clouds as the sun was setting. The clouds themselves were actually the same value, different temp as the sky, but these little highlights looked like streaks in the sky. It was so beautiful! I decided to play a little with my painting and incorporate those streaks. I used them as little arrows down into the trees, without adding too much noise to the shape. to add excitement SUBTLY :) Here is the before and I will post the after later this afternoon. Wish me luck!

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