Sunday, October 23, 2011

Familiar Territory - Watercolor Sundays!

I'm taking a page out of my past for my painting experience today! When my kids were small and it was virtually impossible to get in much alone time, every Sunday I would spread my watercolor palette and board, brushes, towels and water in a great spot on the floor in front of the television and watch NFL football. Noone in my family was much interested in watching with me, but the kids would bring their friends over, eat munchies and hangout playing games and watching me paint. There was always noise and commotion going on, but somehow I could tune it all out and keep painting, taking breaks long enough to let my glazes dry and catch up on the game. I knew where my kids were, who they were with and what they were doing - all while doing what I loved to do! Well, today has been another day like those with a few exceptions - I can't sit on the floor like I used to (I would never get up again)! The kids are gone, except for a short visit today from my grown up son and his dog. I'm no longer watching the games alone because my husband LOVES football. I still can tune out the noise and commotion and paint, I'm just a little a little slower than I used to be, not quite the multi-tasker I used to be. Here is today's work and hopefully there will be another by midnight!


  1. This is nice Shanna...its been long since i have played with watercolors...