Friday, October 7, 2011

Work Delivered!

I just left the Legacy Gallery in Scottsdale and am back on the road to Sedona to the Mountain Trails Gallery for my show tonight and tomorrow. I really feel good about the work I left behind - a lot of my heart and soul and hard work coming from the studio. I've left my "children" behind for them to find their way to their new home. I will come home to an empty studio and start the journey all over again. With each body of work completed, I analyze what elements worked for me, what little obsessions were revealed and where I can make changes to go off in a little different direction for the next body of work. We drove through Southern Utah and Northern Arizona through some unbelievable skyscapes, cloud formations and strong sunlit value patterns. The colors were actually quite subdued against a dramatic sky. I think I will start the next series of work with these images burned in my brain. They will be vistas, not as intimate as my normal work, but I think I can really enjoy the experience of simplification and subtlety. I'll leave you with a little visual imagery (photos) to enjoy!

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