Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Art Contests

A couple of months ago, I entered Raymar Art Contest and was selected as a finalist with my high key winter piece called Essence. I was honored to be chosen from among SO many fabulous paintings and painters!

Another competition that I regular enter is FASO Boldbrush Art Competition. No winning entry as yet, but.......diligence may pay off down the road. Here is my entry if you are interested in seeing it - and if you like it, please click on the link and hit "like".

These kinds of art competitions, including Randy Higbee Gallery 6x6 shows (should have entered, but missed the deadline) are great ways for an artist to get their work seen. They might be seen by primarily other artists, but the newsletters also go out to galleries and collectors and they are relatively inexpensive ways to advertise one's work! There is the advantage of feedback too - the jurists are always very well-known and well-respected national artists and an award is certainly a feather in one's cap. The Facebook community has proven to be very helpful and encouraging of artists entry and often offer positive critiques.

So set aside that painting that makes your heart pitter-patter and give one of these contests a shot! You never know and you have nothing but a few bucks to lose! Come on, what are you waiting for???