Thursday, May 3, 2012

Painting A Day Works

I just finished another of the small abstract landscapes and am having such an exciting time liberating my style, I've decided to keep it up for a month straight and see where the road leads me!  I'm working primarily with a palette knife and I must say that I have been influenced by the phone application "Instagram" and the photography that I have taken and adapted with filters.  I have always loved doing my photography and even considered showing it before, but it was always saved for my work. This process is just another step to the separation of abstraction.  Who knows where it will lead, but I'm getting down to the studio a little earlier, staying a little later and getting excited in a way that feels really great!
I hope you enjoy!

Primary Colors, 9x12


  1. Very nice Shanna, Good to see you excited and stretching your style.

  2. Like it Shanna. Can I see each of the paintings you are doing daily on your site?

  3. Yes, I will be posting them every day as they are finished here on the blog. The only days I am not doing them are Sunday and Monday as those days are spent with my sweetie on the golf course most times. I'm trying the balanced life thing :)