Friday, May 18, 2012

All in a days work!

Boy, it's been a busy day!  I've deconstructed a barn, built it back up, removed a mountain and replowed a field :)  All in a days work for a painter - and still not done yet!  I'm trying to apply my new process to an old painting I wasn't exactly thrilled with.  I know it looks better than it did, but it's going to look even better by the time I am done.  Problem's a heck-of-a-job!


  1. Pheewwww! That made me tired!
    Looks so different than the last time I saw it and I's so much better.Can't wait to see the finished painting.

  2. You know how it is Debra!!!! So much work to be done :) Hope to see you soon!