Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Island Park Abstract Landscape

This is a 14x14 oil on board piece called Island Park.  Anyone out west knows that Island Park is just west of West Yellowstone.  For such a peaceful place, there is so much volcanic activity going on - almost as much as Yellowstone.  The landscape and wildlife are very similar without the thousands of tourists!


  1. Love this painting! Never really been anywhere other than Yosemite but this is beautiful! It looks like it was painted on a very dark ground, is that what you start out on?

  2. Yes, it was a dark prussian blue/purple. I always work to a ground, sometimes warm and sometimes cool. I've always painted on canvas and linen on panel, but doing a series now on wood panel. I'm really simplifying shapes and abstracting more than I have before and the surface is quite fun to get used to!

  3. Shanna, I really love this more abstracted style - looser, for me it's more room for imagination to work.