Thursday, June 28, 2012


If, by chance, a painting comes back to me after exhibiting in a gallery for a period of time, I will often reevaluate the work according to my abilities now compared to then.  If I feel like I can add to them or change them in some way that will preserve the idea of the piece, but improve the technique or idea, I will do a rework before it goes back out again.  These are three pieces that I have done this with.  With each of these three, I pushed the light a bit further.  The contrast has been increased in subtle ways making the light in them appear brighter, stronger.  They are all three pieces I have really been proud of and I like them even better in this state.

Duck Creek Aspens, 30x20 oil on canvas

Illuminate, 24x30 oil on canvas

Last Light, 40x30 oil on canvas

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