Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Coastal Country II - study in cools

Still working on the Maine paintings!  One of my all-time favorite painters is Twachtman.  I love his cool palettes, even though this does not come naturally for me.  My sensitivity lends itself toward the warm, so it is long overdue to start stretching myself in that direction.  And boy did it feel like a stretch!  Thalo green????  How many times do I have to modify it before it's not nails on a chalkboard???  Throw into the mix the "fish out of water" structure aspect and you can imagine it's been a tough couple of days.  I am DETERMINED though to keep challenging myself and develop new experiences.  If they come close to portraying my experience in Maine, I will have succeeded at this stage in the game.  Tomorrow, I may go back to comfortable, but today was about going outside my comfort level!

Again, keeping the value patterns close with temperature shifts to develop the space was my ultimate objective.  The barn changed values (lower) about five times!

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