Thursday, January 24, 2013

That Time of Day!

You know what I'm talking about ....  for a fleeting five minutes at best the sun goes down on the landscape and creates a glow from within!  We have it on our mountain behind me every night and each and every night, I stand by my window looking for it.  I come to depend on it - it means a new day starts soon, another day to cherish and at the end of the day I look forward to dessert - like a cherry on top:)  That beautiful glow!  This painting in particular is by Rockport, Maine.  My classes have been asked to do a high key painting, using color as the contrast instead of relying on value.  I don't ask them to do anything I don't make myself do - so here it is.  Much brighter than anything I have done before, but still the values are high and close.  I think I'll start another tonight.  Something has to be part of your experience, part of your tools before it becomes natural for you!

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