Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I just got back from another adventure in art! I spent last weekend in Jackson, WY at the Western Visions Miniature Show - Jackson Wildlife museum, my first time at being invited to the show. Talk about beautiful artwork! Thursday evening was the Artists reception and Friday was the auction. It is so fun for me to meet artists I don't know but am familiar with their art, meet artists that I haven't seen for awhile, and meet artists I have met on FB but never met personally! If you get a chance to look through the artwork online, please do - it's an amazing show.
I had a few favorites to say the least! To name just a few:
September Vhay - my, what sensitive, feminine, delicate work as well as Kathy Turner in the same vein - delicate, high key and stunning! Just looking at these two make one desire to dig deeper into the soul. Skip Whitcomb had a beautiful little winter scene carried out with simple, direct brushwork that sings. Russell Case had an amazing piece, as usual! And can I just say he is as wonderful and compassionate a person as an artist? He and his beautiful wife inspire me as a human and an artist. Bonita Roberts had a landscape pastel/drawing that was great and one of my favorite painters Marc Bohne had a beautiful little piece that packed a large punch.
From the looks of it, the auction was highly successful! Many prior collectors, new collectors and gallery representatives showed up to admire and purchase the work. It was a really great show!

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