Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend with the Masters III

Today was a lecture day by Dan on Sergei Bongart, his teacher/mentor. Dan and Vicki have put together a slide show showing the lineage of teacher/student all the way back to Levitan and even further. Their style of teaching, their passion for art has been passed down through generations, and the kinship of instilling discipline and passion is evident. "It is important for each artist to be humble enough to give credit back to the mentor that inspired and taught each artist" - Dan Pinkham. Another keypoint that will set with me forever is the discipline that a scholarship student developed while under the direction of Bongart. Imagine, six days a week from 8am until 9pm and then homework (six figure studies) per week on top of that. Then add to that your jobs to pay your way through i.e. cooking, cleaning, handyman jobs, etc. FOR FIVE YEARS~!!!
Take a naturally gifted artist and then train them for five years, six days a week 13 hours per day, and you realize the work of Dan Pinkham and other Bongart students. I don't know about you, but it terrifies me that I will never be able to reach my potential because of my lack of total focus - chosen or otherwise - because of family commitments, every day life's commitments!
Bongart and Pinkham both live a well-lived artistic life, embracing music, beauty of all types, music, literature, poetry, all the things that satiate the starving intellectual, soulful mind. They have something important to say in this world and are surrounded by other beautiful people with something to say.
Tomorrow is my color workshop! I can't wait to hear more of what Dan Pinkham has to say!


  1. "Potential is something desired & terrifies is only dismay."
    Understanding your committed mind and heart fulfills the act that will open the enlightenments that's within.
    Shanna you are one of the Great Artist of todays Modern Age and I wish you the Best Of All Good Things. Phillip H George

  2. Thank you so much for your comment Phillip! I truly needed to hear that!