Thursday, September 23, 2010

Weekend with the Masters Post #1

Today felt like a little star-gazing on the red carpet of artists! I am down in Laguna Beach at the Weekend with the Masters Workshop, eager and ready to paint. When I registered today with my daughter, I was handed a goody bag with enough free samples to keep me busy drawing, painting, playing for months to come. It felt like Christmas in September!
After registering, I did a little wandering through the halls. Just enough to catch a glimpse of David Leffel, Richard Schmidt, Scott Christensen, Jeremy Lipking, Alexey Steele, Scott Burdick - to name a few. I had no idea this workshop existed until three weeks ago. They have gathered some of the finest artists working in this country to date to offer their how-to's and why for's to hundreds of eager students! All in one place no less! And I hear that they will offer this workshop in NYC next year - my favorite art spot bar none.

It's easy to become intimidated and vulnerable to lose one's unique voice in such an atmosphere of excellence. I do believe that learning and gaining new tools for expression is SO important to the artistic growth of each person, but I believe just as strongly that every persons' voice and expression is so important in this world and that integrity cannot be compromised for the likes of any one style or direction. Choose your mentors wisely. Find out why they do what they do, not just how they do it! Absorb that knowledge and then use it to your full advantage in speaking your own voice. Ok, there is my (self) lecture for the day...:)

I'm so excited for tomorrow!!!!


  1. Oh Shanna, what an opportunity! I know you can learn lots, we all can, but your work is right up there with the Masters! Glad you got to go.

  2. What amazing and beautiful work!