Thursday, October 14, 2010

Harvest Season!

Oooh baby, it's cold outside! I wandered out to the garden this morning and it is on it's last leg! Marco picked all the peppers, green, anaheim chili's and jalapenos and most of the tomatoes and we put a small bag together for his grandma and the rest are for todays project - Canned Salsa! It's probably been three years since I have made it. I used to put up 3-4 large batches a year, but that's when my garden was huge! I really don't miss keeping up with that garden. This is so much more manageable. I think by next week, it will be time to take out the plants, fertilize, till it up and get it ready for winter. So into the kitchen I go to chop vegetables. I have been told this is the best salsa recipe ever so I will post it for you.

Best Canned Salsa Ever!
(I know, everyone says that)
3 lrg onions chopped 8 tbsp. oil
5 lrg green peppers chopped 5-6 jalapeno's chopped
13 cloves garlic 5 yellow peppers chopped
3 tsp oregano leaves 5 tbsp salt
3 tbsp cumin 1 tbsp pepper
9 tbsp wine vinegar 27 oz green chili's, or 18-24 fresh chopped
1/2 bushel tomatoes, chopped

Mix and simmer 7-8 hours. Hot pack 15 minutes.

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