Sunday, October 10, 2010

Paint and Medium Toxicity

I am hoping to start a dialogue, and maybe this is the wrong venue :) as I have a whopping 18 followers LOL (and I love every one of you), but this conversation is coming up everywhere I go. How big is the concern about toxicity levels and how are people making changes if it is affecting their quality of life?

I have been a Liquin junkie for a very long time. I know that after a few hours of glazing, I hit a wall and have to go lay down for a minute with fresh air. I am hearing that Galkyd is a little safer and that Gamblin Oderless Mineral Spirits are safer than other OMS's on the market. Just this week, I used a sample of Gamblin Neo Megilp and I do think it is a little piece of heaven. I have also heard that one should use a ventilator while using this medium - YIKES!!! I know there is the Graham product made up of Walnut oil and an alkyd, but I just cannot get used to the feel of when it tacks up. I am a creature of habit and it's hard making ANY kind of change with my tools. I am also looking into an air filtration system. My ventilation in my studio certainly could use a little help, but will the filtration system make up for that?

I guess I need to do more research on the subject, but just as most artists - it's just easier to keep painting and say "someday I will do more research on the subject" unless it starts seriously causing trouble. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated to get this ball rolling :)

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